How does this site generate revenue?

This site's primary focus is to create fun, interesting and helpful product reviews. In order to support the site and allow it to continue we try to find 'affiliate links' that relate to the person or product being reviewed. These links look and work the same way as normal links yet the click through the link is tracked by the site being linked to. It may or may not generate a payment.

Doesn't this compromise the site?

We think that it doesn't. The reviews remain the same regardless of the product and as they are written by users we have no ediorial influence on the ratings given by this site.

Where do these affiliate links come from?

When a product is added to the site we will both manually and algorithmically look for any affiiliate links that could compliment it. We also use the Viglink service to do some automatic affilite link generation. You can read about that service here. Again, as this process is automatically it does not influence our editorial opinion.

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